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RAMA Newsletter Vol. 68


In This Issue:

Summer Events

Students of the Month

Summer Makeups

New Students

Is Your Teacher Sold Out?

Summer Fun at RAMA!

Hershey Park, Disney Cruise, Frontier Field, Summer Camping!
Find out more below.


Notes from the Academy Owner

Rochester Academy of Music & Arts owner, Brannon Hungness, recently gave a presentation at a conference for entrepreneurs in Charleston South Carolina alongside keynote speaker Anthony Melchiorri, host of The Travel Channel’s hit series Hotel Impossible.

 Brannon Presentation

We Are Going to Hershey Park!

Sign up now to enjoy the amusement park, stay at a beautiful hotel, eat at a private buffet, and perform on the MAIN STAGE right in the park!

August 12- Hurry, limited space remains!

Summer at RAMA

Dear Students and Parents,

 It may still be Spring now, but Summer is just around the corner! We’ve been working hard to bring you a summer full of FUN! Now is the time to start looking ahead at the awesome year we have planned for you at the Academy.

Each spring, we often get asked these questions: 

Q: How do lessons work in the summer?  A: The Academy is open year-round and we do not close for the summer.

Q: Do a lot of students quit for the summer?  A: For the past 4 years we have grown in enrollment during the summer by about 7%. Some students withdraw but we get a huge influx of new students during the summer and many continue through the fall. 

Q: How full is the Academy?  A: At our current location, even with the two new rooms, we are currently at about 85% capacity (over 500 students) and we will most likely be at around 95% or more by the end of May. Every year we are growing at an increased rate. Many of our most requested time slots are always full with a waiting list of students wishing to move to those times.

Q: If we withdrew for the summer, can we keep our spot for the fall?  A: Lessons are first come, first serve. If you withdraw for the summer, we cannot guarantee we will have a spot for you in the fall, as we will open the spot for new students. 

The big questions for all parents and students to consider is: 

Do you want to stay with the same teacher and same time slot in the fall?

We realize some of you will go on vacation for a portion of the summer so we have 3 simple solutions for you:

1. Take advantage of summer makeup classes. Summer makeup classes can be taken as early as the month of March and there is no expiration on when you can take them after that. Many students find taking makeups before summer is a great way to help prepare for our June recital. 

It’s very easy to do. Simply contact the office and we’ll get you signed up for makeup classes. GET A HEAD START!

2. You can also “sublease” your time slot to a family member or a friend. Send a family member or a friend in your place for the dates you will miss. Just let the office know who is coming in your place and when. Make them directly reimburse you for the lessons.  

3. Take lessons from ANY LOCATION with online lessons. You can take lessons at your normal time slot with your teacher online with Skype. Just let us know when you will take these online lessons.

(These options also allow students to retain their progress on the Musical Ladder!)

***Each September, we get calls from students who have been with us for years saying that they withdrew for the summer and they want to return to the same teacher, day, and time but the spot has been filled by another student. If you love your teacher, keep your spot by using our summer makeups, sublease your spot or do Skype lessons.



RAMA Disney Cruise!

RAMA Night at Frontier Field!

RAMA Summer Camping!

Disney Cruise Frontier Field Camping

Join us for a 2-hour cruise on the Genesee River and Lake Ontario!

Dress up as Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel characters! Students perform!

Join us to watch the Red Wings play! Students sing the National Anthem! Families enjoy discounted premium seating! An awesome fireworks display follows the game!

Join us for 2 nights of camping at the Farmington KOA. Enjoy mini golf, swimming, bike rentals, fishing, wi-fi, snack bar, bounce pillow, hiking trail, zipline, hay rides, pancake breakfasts, make-your-own sundaes, bingo, arts and crafts, wine-tasting for parents, and FUN, FUN, FUN! RAMA will treat you to a picnic meal!

March Student of the Month
Pet of the Month

RAMA students Oliver and Abraham R have this awesome cat!

Louie is a quite the sportsman. He enjoys playing hockey with dropped ice cubes, soccer with bouncy balls and volleyball with any toy the boys will throw to him.  Louie is a quiet cat, rarely making a noise, except for when he pounds on bedroom doors for his family to wake up and feed him if they sleep too late. Louie is five years old but came into our life two years ago when we adopted him from Lollipop Farms. We're pretty sure he was destined to be a part of our family.

Submit your photos and stories about your pet to info@rochestermusiclessons.com and we’ll give you a $10.00 Amazon gift card if we choose your pet as our Pet of the Month.



Upcoming Events

NOW! – Coloring Contest at RAMA Choose a RAMA event-themed image to color

June 16 & 17 – Summer Recitals Two days full of recitals at The Strong Museum of Play

July 14 – Coloring Contest Ends All submissions are due and will be judged  

July 15 – Disney Cruise Our annual event on the Genesee River and Lake Ontario!

July 21 – RAMA Night at Frontier Field Enjoy discounted premium seating at a Red Wings game!

August 12 – RAMA at Hershey Park Students perform on the Main Stage, Families get to enjoy the parks, and SO much FUN! 

August 24-26 – RAMA Summer Camping Enjoy a camping experience filled with many activities

Welcome New RAMA Students!

Charles I., Brandon S., Sophia P., Cai’ryn J., Jaden L., Noah C., Charizma J., Sean B., Kaidon J., Jamia F., Zechaviah L., Zevirah L., Nikheel P., Sara M., Bill W., Addy V., Morgan H., Henry S., Sarai M., Ryan J., Mhyzhaun G., Bianca A., Taya M., Sonia B., LaPadre H., Maggie F., Aarushi N., Julianna J., John B., Isabella B., Vivaan D., Chase R., Aurora R., Zachary B., Jacquez S., Pharoah M., Alana B., Jaden S., Will K., Ana-Elise H., Brendan H., Sebastian L., Sariah L., Spenser S., Evan C., Seth L., Ryleigh D., Edna L., Joey L., Joe R., Scarlett V., Addy V., Dylan B., Jean R., Danaesha J., Katelyn O., Madison I., Chloe O., Desi L., Belkys V., Krycette C., Corrine O., Allyson D., Naveen B., Annette A., Emma H., James B., Katie M., Mayra J.

Congratulations to...

The Katie Moore! For winning our monthly contest!

Contact the Academy within 7 days of receiving this newsletter to claim your prize!

Teachers are Selling Out FAST! Grab a slot while they’re still available!

Many teachers have sold out, or are close to doing so. There are still

limited lesson slots available! To inquire about lessons for January, or to be put on a waitlist for a certain teacher, send an e-mail to

info@rochestermusiclessons.com or call the office at 585-506-9437. Here is a PARTIAL list of who is full.

We have 25 teachers available, please call to inquire about other openngs:

Joe L. (Piano): Monday 6:30

Justin P. (Drums): Waitlist only

Bryce S. (Drums): Wednesdays, Saturdays SOLD OUT. Thursdays 7:00pm open

Ed K. (Guitar, Bass): Waitlist Only

Natalia B. (Voice, violin, piano, guitar): Waitlist only

Andrea F. SOLD OUT

Andrea  M. (Voice, Piano): Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, SOLD OUT Sunday 3:00pm open



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